A new argument for the relativity of space and time

If there is a God, and if that God is omnipresent, then God being omnipresent will be present at each point of the universe at the same time. Let's assume for the sake of argument that the universe is infinite, so the distance from one end of the universe to its other end will also be infinite. But for God, this infinite distance will not remain an infinite distance, it will amount to zero distance, since God will be present at both ends of the universe at the same time. But to us human beings, this infinite distance will remain an infinite distance. So the question that will arise here is this: can the distance which is infinite for one being, be reduced to zero for another being? Again it takes an eternity to travel an infinite distance, which is true for us, but not true for God. The truth about God is that God would require no time, because that infinite distance will be zero for God. So here the pertinent question will be: can the amount of time that is an eternity for one being, be reduced to zero for another being? If Newton's theory were the last word of science, then scientists would answer both the above questions in the negative, because in Newton's theory both space and time are absolute. But science did not stop with Newton alone; Einstein came and changed the whole picture. In his theory, space and time are relative. Special theory of relativity has shown what is an infinite distance to us, becomes zero distance for massless particles; again, what is an eternity for us, becomes zero time for those particles.

Therefore, if God exists, then space and time must be relative because God is omnipresent. And science has also shown that this is indeed the case.

Here, one question may arise as to why only massless particles have these strange properties, and why not any other particle? This question can also be answered. Many years ago, in another of my writings (Who created God?), I have shown that if God is there, then that God will have zero mass, because the total energy of the universe is zero. God is massless, so it is quite natural and expected that only massless particles would manifest God's attributes and not other particles.

Life is a big joke, brothers. I get this new argument when my age is 77.