Thanks to scientists we now know that massless particles have some strange properties. Time stops completely in the case of massless particles, and massless particles do not have to travel any distance at all, as all distances in their case shrink to zero. For example, for massless particles the distance from one end of the universe to its other end is zero. So massless particles can be present at both ends of the universe at the same time. What are these properties of massless particles to be called? Are they to be called natural characteristics, or supernatural characteristics? If these are called natural features, a problem of some sorts will arise; Again, if these are called supernatural properties, then another kind of problem will arise.

We all know that God is said to be timeless; It is also said about him that he can be present at both ends of the universe at the same time due to his omnipresence. God is also said to be a supernatural being. So it turns out that it has been said about a supernatural entity called God that it has just the same properties as those of massless particles. If God exists (here I am not saying that God exists, I am saying if God exists), and if we call these properties of massless particles natural properties, then the question that will naturally arise will be: how can a supernatural being have any natural properties? Supernatural beings are supposed to have supernatural characteristics only, how can supernatural beings have natural characteristics? Again, if we call these properties of massless particles supernatural properties, then this time the question will be: as science is supposed to deal with the natural world only, then how is it that science has also begun to deal with the supernatural as well?

How can this problem be solved? It can be solved in this way: If God exists, then rather than calling him a supernatural being, it is better to acknowledge that God is also a part and parcel of this vast universe, and that he is not an entity outside of this universe, which is why natural science has a scientific explanation for his properties.