Why did God create The Universe?

John Zande, a militant atheist, in a blog post Why? A Challenge to all Believers (December 4, 2015)1 has put this question to all believers:

Why did your God create this universe?

Fine Tuning Argument not Required for Proving the Existence of God

It is not actually necessary that “fine tuning” of certain parameters will have to exist in reality for proving the existence of God. I think light with its very peculiar properties is sufficient for that purpose.

Is There a God?

Is There a God?

The question as to whether there is a God or not can only be answered properly when we will be able to settle the matter regarding the age of our universe. Either our universe is infinitely old, in which case we will have to assume that it was always there. Or we will have to assume that it is not so old; rather it began to exist merely 13.8 billion years ago. Scientist Paul Davies in an article “Is the Universe a Free Lunch?” has explained very nicely as to why our universe cannot be infinitely old and that why it should have had a beginning:

Will there ever be any physical explanation for 'X', if 'X' is not physically real?

In a debate between Dr. William Lane Craig and Quentin Smith on March 22, 1996 Dr. Craig has thus given a theistic notion of God in his opening arguments: "a personal Creator, uncaused, beginningless, changeless, immaterial, timeless, spaceless, enormously powerful, and intelligent."

A Serious Objection against the Concept of The Whole. How It has been tackled.

I have defined The Whole (TW) as that which contains within itself everything that is there. So by its very definition there cannot be anything at all outside of it, because I have already defined it as that which contains within itself everything that is there. So whatever will be there will be within The Whole only, and thus there will be no space, no time, no matter – simply nothing outside of The Whole. So The Whole will be neither in any space nor in any time, and thus it will be spaceless and timeless.


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